Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I Voted -- and other stuff

Yesterday I got around to downloading the paper Absentee Ballot forms and I voted. Sometime soon I will receive computer forms, by post, and -- in the finest Chicago tradition -- I will vote, again. As far as I know, however, only one AB gets counted. But I live in hope.

I have also updated my Daily Journal to reflect the absence of a couple of symptoms. It's easy to notice when something unusual is occurring, but I need to train myself to note when things are normal. Like when my appetite has returned to the normal huge and I no longer want to eat Cleveland. And I no longer feel pressure in my lower stomach.

It has just occured to me that I'm writing the journal in English. Fat lot of good that's going to do the doctor. I foresee a translation job this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my next chemo session. I'm going to the coiffeuse first, so she can trim the wig. Maybe I'll even wear it, at least for a picture. I prefer my hats, but I feel silly in people's houses and restaurants with them.

Nick has decided to take me to the hospital instead of the taxi. He'll get some of his own shopping errands done during the day and spend the time with me doing design work. The pharmacists (husband, wife, 2 kids, Frenchie) want cupboards covering one wall of their new flat.

I hope all my friends, of whom I didn't know I had so many, are reading this, because I'm having trouble keeping up with all my correspondence. All the support and love I am receing are a constant amazement to me as well as nourishment for the soul. Thank you, everyone.


  1. Hi Margot - well done on the voting thing. Vote Early, Vote Often, that's what I say.... ;)

    cheers -


  2. That's a painless way to vote....I'll be standing in line for a long time at the Sardis Center. Last pres election it was over two hours of waiting, nobody around me was chatty and I was bored out of my mind. This time I'm bringing a book, just in case.
    I hope today's session goes well and you get the cabinets designed!

  3. Please don't try to vote twice...That would be bad. In the history of Chicago politics the deceased vote multiple times.
    My absentee ballot is still sitting on the counter.

  4. Point taken. Thank you, Charles.