Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Nag, nag, nag!

This edition is dedicated to Doobie, my Guardian Nagger, who prods me, worries about me and, altogether, makes me feel as though Someone is Watching Over Me.

NTR! (1)

I got some new hat/scarves sorts of things in the post today, thanks to Rachel's mother. I'll try to get pictures.

Nala, after four years of living with us and being fed raw, has finally chewed on a recreational bone. Twice! (Yes, I missed pictures of that, too.) I'm not sure the bone is the attraction. She chews and chews and the bone slides on the tile floor and soon it and she are on the other side of the kitchen, fancy that!, right next to the cats's leftovers. But we caught her in time.

It's been a busy week; hence the lack of posting. (Besides NTR.) Friday, Saturday and Sunday taken up with friends. Being in the village is a spur to socialising. Yesterday, all day in Avignon shopping for: hardware, wood, more hardware, Pyrex pot, more hardware and more hardware.

Today, we bought a house.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Today, we bought a house.

    Must you taunt us with your coy posting style?

    Congratulations— looking forward to some details soon.

  2. We're in the same time zone. You know it's late. :-)

  3. But I'm in a different time zone and I wanna know about the house now :(

    NTR is good news, yes?

    Also give Nala a hug from us, because she's cute.


  4. Nothing to Report. I corrected the post to show the link.
    Nala (and Van-Ly and Miss Miosa -- uh, and Nick) and I are going to bed. Harry and FloJo, too -- in the living room. They won't settle in bed.

  5. ARGH!

    More about the house! Another 15 (relevant) words would have helped!


  6. Good on ya! Sorry about the nagging, but I'm not giving it up.

    Nala chewed a bone? Isn't that very un-cat-like of a Chow?

    What Mio said. House! Yippee!

    Love, Nagger

  7. Gotta love Doobie's persistence. Thanks Doobie!

    Congrats on the house Margot!