Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Someone lent us a DVD of Crash. We watched it tonight, the first time we've seen it. What leaves me open-mouthed is not only that it won the Best Picture Oscar over Brokeback Mountain, but that it won an Oscar at all. Didn't anyone except the New York Times see through this flyweight melodrama?


  1. From Carina (I accidentally hit the wrong button).

    OK, so you haven't updated your blog in five days, missy. Ou est vous? (Hey look, French. I think.)

    I never saw Brokeback Mountain because it has a sad ending and I can't bear sad endings, even in cartoon movies. Never saw Crash, either. I'm culturally deprived, I guess.

  2. Hi, Margot. Love your attitude. Returned on Raw Lite today that my cat's badder then your cat. I'd match badder with your cat any time.

    My elderly doggie is doing well. The weather in Memphis is great in the fall. I saw Religulous with my daughter and her significant other last Saturday. It was interesting and funny and scary all at the same time. Don't watch much TV or few movies myself. Have been watching the debates as I'm heavily invested in this election, but they haven't been real interesing. Whole world is going to pot financially and all they can do is claim to be better than the other one without any facts to back it up.

    I retreat to mystery novels. I try to either read single books or get into series where I can learn something. I've been reading mysteries about a native slooth in a park in Alaska all summer. Started reading because they are well written and then because it was hot outside and interesting to read of someone who thinks it is getting too hot at 55 degrees f. Now I find it quite fascinating as Alaska is really our last frontier and mindsets there are quite different. But I've done mystery books about a herbalist who explains the and cons of herbs, I like the National Park ones. Usually if I read my way through a series, they are a) well written and b) I'm learning something.

    You are on a really tough path and I want all to come out well on the end and when you die as we all must, you die like my grandmother did. Climing ladders to dust one day (in your case or my case something different) and waking up dead the next morning. Nothing EVER put that woman down for more than a very short time. May her spirit be with you. Margaret

  3. I like the same kinds of mysteries you do, Margaret. No wonder the two books you sent were a hit.
    We had a friend who did a half marathon in the afternoon and died that night. I've always thought that was a good way to go, too, so I'm still planning on it.
    In the meantime, maybe we should campaign for a Home for Horrible Cats.
    We're having Memphis weather here. :-)