Wednesday, 29 October 2008

If at First. . .

The nurse has been here this morning and left with more tubes of my blood. If I don't get a phone call from the hospital by about 6 o'clock, I'll be going for my third chemo session tomorow.

Addendum: No call: tomorrow it is.


  1. try, try, again!

    Praying the yelling has done the job and that you continue feeling well.


  2. I really need to figure out how IO can get an RSS feed from your blog, I've never done that before. Will check. So I don't miss stuff.
    Anyways I hope it went well yesterday.

  3. Hey carina,
    try adding these URLs to your feed reader of choice:

    For the posts:

    For the comments:

  4. Thanks Cliff1976. :)
    Margot just clued me in to netvibes, so I hope I just set it up right...I've never signed up for a feed before.

  5. It's so much more efficient than bookmarks for things you read regularly. And so easy, you'll wind up with zillions, like me. :-)

  6. Well I give up. I *thought* I'd signed up to it via netvibes, but see no evidence of this. The only way I know Margot just wrote a new entry is because she emailed and told me so!
    Carina, easily confused.

  7. Just concerned that we haven't heard anything...