Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Canoeing on the Drôme - June 20

We went canoeing on the Drôme. If you wonder how we went canoeing on our département, almost all départements in France are named for rivers within their borders.

It is not as spectacular on the Drôme as it is in the canyons of the Ardèche, our neighbouring département, but quite beautiful nonetheless and we had a fine afternoon with picnic. Nick and I only turned over once (with camera) as did the others, except for the girls. They turned over many, many times, but I think it was a strategem to meet boys.

The person covered from head to foot, including socks with sandels (gagh!) is I. This is how I have been coping with the sun since childhood, except for the times when I forget and wound up with second degree burns. Chic, huh?

Nadine, whose house we are helping to build, is to the left. Polo is behind the camera. If my storage disk recovers from its swim, I may have a picture of him.

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That's Nick on the right.

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