Thursday, 28 October 2010

No chemotherapy this week

The chemotherapy was canceled this week because Margot just had no energy. We also tried to get the operation for the new catheter moved forward but that did not work out. She is still scheduled for the new chamber and catheter next Tuesday. Eating is still difficult as Margot just has no appetite. She thinks she might have a taste for duck this evening so I will try that. Not a lot of change otherwise.

The dogs have a new walking schedule these days; morning and evening during the hour when the nurse is visiting. This gets us out of the way, especially Nala who insists on sleeping in the doorway to Margot's room as the nurse is trying to go in and out, and there is someone there to keep an eye on Margot while we are out of the house.

Thanks again for everyone's support.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wrong date

I my last post I made a mistake with the date. Margot had the infected chamber and catheter removed yesterday. It was a small local operation, all went well, and she was back at home again last night. Her next trip to the hospital is next Tuesday for more chemotherapy.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

We've been getting phone calls

We've been getting phone calls because there has been no blog entries this week. Margot has not had the energy and I have not been paying attention is the short answer.

Margot was in hospital last Monday and Tuesday for more chemo. and apart from that her treatment schedule has developed a regular pattern; visits by the nurse early morning, midday, and evening. She is still on the glucose drip full time with other medicines added at various intervals. The infected chamber in her chest is due to be removed on the 22nd and replaced with a new one on the 2nd November.

According to the doctor, Margot's fatigue is due the cancer, the chemo, the infection, and the difficulty in eating enough. This all makes sense to me. I just hope we can get one or more of these conditions corrected in the near future.

Thanks for all your messages and support, love,  Nick and Margot

Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm all right, Jack!

From Hôpital à Domicile

That's Stephanie.  She's pretty underneath.

And, for everyone who asked, no, I'm still not eating.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Best I can do

Home!  Pins & Needes ( Ants in Frech) in fingers.  Write later.
Bob, sorry about cat.
John, I win.  No contest.   :-)~

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I was hoping

I was holding off from writing because I was hoping that Margot would be making the posting this weekend but then her return was delayed again at the last minute. Her chemo. was moved from Friday to Monday. Now they say Tuesday for coming home. Fingers crossed.

After four weeks in hospital and not eating much she is very weak. I was pushing her around the hospital grounds in a wheel chair yesterday. I am just hoping that if she can keep increasing the amount of food she is eating and get out and about a bit she will get some strength back. She is really looking forward to being at home and getting her computer back.