Friday, 10 October 2008


Over on the Livestrong site, there is a questionnaire that you can fill in to get information on your treatment options.*

By the time I reached question 3, which involved reviewing some of the test results I have on hand, I was terrified into quitting.

I'm not gonna do that any more. :-(

* The questionnaire. Feel free to log in under my email address with password: cancer.


  1. Not that this is really useful but: *HUGS* we're thinking about you. You're a brave woman, even without cookies.


  2. Hugs help a lot. Do this no cookies?

  3. Yeah, sometimes ignorance is bliss.
    Try to stay away from numbers, and statistics.
    Remember, my father was diagnosed with a cancer that has a 5% 5 year survival, back in 2002. He's still here, and he's cancer free.
    So just stay strong, and why no cookies?

  4. It was supposed to say "Does this mean no cookies"? And from her comment, I was assuming that Olga isn't sending any.
    Next time I want information, I'll just talk to your father, instead. :-)

  5. Odds and statistics are great theoretically, but what matters in real life is the individual and individual results. You are intelligent, strong and have a great attitude and are much loved -- those are things that don't quantify well statistically, yet still affect outcomes.

  6. Cookies too Margot. Always cookies.


  7. Dunno if I should send this to the blog or to you, good thing yer moderating.

    I logged on and saw your answers 'til you quit. What leapt out was:

    #1: that you answered that you were operable. I thought you weren't until after chemo. Seems like it should have been a different answer.

    B: was where you stopped at identifying the stage. If France doesn't do (sts) stages, you need to push for answers and finish the questionnaire.

    Yes, might be scary, might be fricken' fracken' helpful, too, i.e., aid in making decisions, asking pertinent questions, preparing yourself for your future - hell-oh? you are breathing, right? You are going to be here awhile yet so it might give you an idea of what's to come...or, not.

    I was almost ready to answer the damn questions my self to see a sample of the results - but my data wouldn't have been yours.

    If you wanna send me the info, I'll take it (sts, again) for you:)

    Livestrong site directed you there? Hmmmm, Live Strong? I thought Lance was your hero.

    Love ya, woah-man. Am I mean, or what?

  8. Well, for a start, I was answering the wrong questionnaire. I was on cervical instead of ovarian. Secondly, I know I started with late stage cancer because the tumors were at 67 and 75 mm and had spread slightly. (And that's the last time I'm checking that!) But I seem to be responding well to the treatment so far, so I think I'll go with the flow.
    I think if you took the questionnaire, I'd have to come take care of you for the mental trauma. :-)

  9. I think I'd stick with going with the flow and staying positive!
    I think everyone knows people who have greatly survived the odds with cancer...I can think of several people like that. Statistics shmatistics. Those are just numbers. You're not just a number.

    Carina, signing in as anonymous I guess because google isn't recognising my passowrd.