Wednesday, 22 October 2008

F on the Tests

The hospital just telephoned and cancelled my chemo session for tomorrow. The results from this morning's blood tests aren't good enough. Nick answered the phone and I have no more details, but I should receive my own copy of the results tomorrow or Friday. They'll telephone with another appointment.

Well, rats! I feel good.

Back to writing about the house.


  1. Well poop. What, exactly, are they looking for in the bloodwork results?

  2. Not sure. I think it may be white cell count. The results didn't arrive today, so I suppose I'll have them tomorrow and I can see what's off.

  3. Well, that stinks. I'm guessing your white count is too low, and they'd like it to bump up a little bit before you get more chemo.

  4. What do they do if the white cell count if off?

  5. They wait for it to come back up. I'll do a new post.

  6. Whelp, who knew you had to be in the pink of health to receive poison?!?

    STBWDITS to wait on getting better.

    Maybe if you exercise less you'll help the WBC count? I must believe this. Bah!

    *Always* gotcha in my thoughts.