Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Thing About the Wig

The thing about the wig is it's alien.

You put on a hat or a scarf and it's an accessory -- decoration. It's part of you, your personality, your style.

You put on a wig and it's camouflage. And not great camouflage at that. You're worried it will move. Or that it won't move. Or that you will put your glasses on the wrong way, exposing its edges. Or that it just looks false.

Hats and scarves don't look false. And if they move a bit, it's no big deal.

Granted, with no hair peeking out from under my hat, I look like one of the seven dwarves, but it's a Look.

Here's my new hat.


  1. Funny I am now hearing a northern brass band playing new world symphony, a small bakers lad pushing a large sit up and beg bike up a cobbled street and a northern voice in the back ground saying something about bread..... (or have you been so long out of the UK you do not remember the hovis adverts)? You look like a butchers lad in that hat, nothing as trendy as one of the 7 dwarfs, I am now on hat look out.

  2. Now that you mention Hovis. . . :-)

  3. OMG Hovis. I don't remember the ads but remember the bread. And I've been out of the UK for almost 30 years.
    Anyhoo, I think that's really cute, made me think of a newsboy though!
    When my sister went through her uber-religious (Jewish) stage she wore a wig. If you go to Jerusalem, or anywhere there's a large conservative Jewish population, you see them everywhere, and lots of wig shops.
    Yah I imagine a wig would feel alien, like a marmoset sitting on your head. (That was a classic Johnny Carson skit, where a marmoset peed on his head. I imagine it's on youtube.)

  4. Ok I will bring flour out in February....

  5. Would a cat, Miss Miosa, trying to throw up on your head be in that league? (I threw her on the floor.)

  6. I think Miss Miosa horking on your head would definitely be in the same league. What, it's not on youtube? Darn.

  7. I think it is a very cute look, sort of like a little news boy of long ago, a completely honest look.

  8. I love the hat! It's my favourite colour too.