Saturday, 3 July 2010

Birthday party

I arrived just before lunch today and thanks to Margot's room mate, who did not feel up to eating her lunch, we both ate a birthday meal together. Then we passed a pleasant time opening many cards, messages and presents. Most of the presents were books so she is well set for her convalescence. Many thanks to everyone for these.

Margot has had half of her 38 staples removed and is having regular physiotherapy and massage and has to sit up in a chair for a few hours each day. All this activity does not help the pain but is a necessary torture it appears.


  1. Hap-pei Birthday Margot!! Glad you had a nice meal and were treated to presents and cards. All the pei send kisses. Rachelle and I send healing thoughts and polite hugs so they dont hurt if we squeeze too hard.

  2. Happy Birthday Margot, good to hear you are making progress and hopefully coping with the pain ok.

  3. OK you win on the stitches!But as an engineer the dimensions need to be checked.
    John and Carole

  4. Happy birthday! And the cake? Did they make a decent cake? Glad you are eating and not just on some drip.

    Susan in N Calif.

  5. Happy birthday, Margot. Glad the op went well. Love Georgia