Saturday, 24 July 2010

Puppy -- and Dog -- Blues

A few weeks ago we met some people who have bought a house in the village where we used to live.  It came up in conversation that his cousin in Marseille has two Chows.  He was going to check to see if they are registered.

Today we finally caught up with them, but the cousin doesn't have the dogs any longer.  They moved from a house to an apartment and "had to" give them up.  Sigh.  Chows are perfect apartment dogs.  A walk once or twice a day is sufficient and they don't care if they get any exercise or not.  They don't roughhouse, they don't chew and they don't bark.  Mostly they lay around like area rugs.

Also, the cousin says, one of them was mean.  Probably, I wanted to say, because they were left outside with the minimum of human interaction and training.  Not that I jump to conclusions or anything, but we've talking about people who seemed to find their dogs an inconvenience.

Watch out, I'm going to yell.  A DOG IS FOR LIFE!  They love you.  They will do anything for your love, no matter how badly you treat them.  Can you say the same for your kids?

You don't give your kids away and you don't give your dogs away.  If you're the type who can contemplate giving your dog away, DON'T GET ONE.

On the other hand, if you want to get one and are prepared to be responsible about it, please get some decent advice about their needs and care.  I'll be happy to help.

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  1. Your yelling was probably calmer than mine would've been.