Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Not eating and more

I had another visit with Margot today and I was able to get all the latest. Margot is still bloated and constipated and hence was not allowed to eat today so they can give her a scan tomorrow to check what is going on. We also got to talk with the surgeon who explained that the main tumour is gone but he saw a lot of metastasis around the pelvic cavity and so she will still need chemotherapy but hopefully will be much more comfortable.

As a distraction, Margot helped rescue her room mate last night. As her companion became sicker and sicker Margot repeatedly called the nurse and eventually the 'crash' team arrived as the poor woman went into a coma. Fortunately, after a night in intensive care, they found that the woman had an overly high levels of potassium and now they have her stable again.


  1. Yeah Margot!!!

    Hope they figure it out with the scan...Margot we miss ya.


  2. Oh dear poor Margot, but good on her for rescuing her room mate.

  3. re the room mate: makes you think about eating too many bananas, no? Glad to hear the main tumour's gone. Georgia