Thursday, 22 July 2010

Puppy Blues

You may remember we were planning a wedding: Van-Ly and Asterix.  Things are not going well.

Why are those of the dog fancy such, well, bitches is the word that comes to mind?  We sent Van-Ly's hip x-rays off to the Chow Chow Club of France before I went to the hospital.  As yet, we have heard nothing, so yesterday I telephoned the president of the CCF.

"Well, why did you leave it so long?" she asked?  I explained that Chows are not thick on the ground in our neighbourhood and I'd acted as soon as I found one.  I didn't think it would take so long.  I mean how many damned Chows can there be being x-rayed at one time in France?  "But it takes at least a month and longer in summer," she said.

Summer.  Otherwise known as The National Excuse for Not Working.

We haven't started the procedure for Asterix's x-rays because I didn't want to spend the money if Van-Ly's didn't turn out well.  And Van-Ly should be going into heat mid-August.

Which basically means we've run out of time and I've wasted money.  "Money is not my concern," says Madame le President, "dogs are."



  1. The breed club reviews and certifies the x-rays? I figured a veterinary school or foundation would be in charge of such things.

  2. Why not OFA? They seem pretty quick on their turn-around.

  3. The Club has their own vet. I don't know anything about him except that he must teach because his title is Professor. As for OFA, I'm in France. :-)

  4. Just did a fast Google. I think the CCF isn't the only club that uses him. He must be The One.

  5. Wasted money?

    Obviously not a dog lover but a breeder who cares more about the Euros the puppies bring. Give Van-Ly and Asterix to people who don't consider Chows to be big cats.


  6. Normally I delete anonymous messages, but I am letting yours stand.

    I can't figure out if you mean me or Mme. le Presidente, but, whatever, you've obviously got the wrong end of the stick. Read the post again; there won't be any puppies.

    If you would care to argue my disinclination to spend a couple of hundred euro when I'm not going to breed, I would be happy to hear your reasons, provided that they are reasonable enough that you are willing to sign your comment.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    You clearly haven't read Margot's blog and have some serious problems with reading comprehension besides. Try it again. Carefully this time. There's things called "dictionaries" for the big words you find troublesome.

    Not only ignorant and rude, but cowardly too! Aren't you just the speshul little one.

    Carina MacDonald

  8. Speshul is right. Can't read. Absolute. Zero. Reading. Comprehension. Dictionary wouldn't do her/him/it any good. I'd say if Margot thought more about the Euro, there would be puppies. But since there won't be any... And yes, Chows are just like cats.

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    1. Anonymous posts don't get much respect.
    2. You need to slow down and read for comprehension. Your knee jerk reaction was completely wrong.
    3. You clearly do not know Margot.
    4. The rudeness you displayed is seldom called for and will never win arguments.

  10. Tsk, tsk, Margot, you irresponsible breeder. I wish you took better care of your Chows. You should be ashamed of yourself. (I wish there was a rolling eyes icon I could put here)
    Thanks for the heads up. I like speshul posts. :)

    Karen and the blind brats