Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The patient is happy

Just got back from an afternoon visit to Margot. She is very happy that the tumour is gone and her treatment this time is the best so far. She is still in intensive care and hooked up to drips etc. but they seem to have the pain well under control and she is fairly comfortable. Her blood pressure is a little low and she has itchy skin but they say both these conditions are produced by the pain killer and they are gradually changing it over to another type.

Thanks for all your good messages. I will pass them all on on my next visit.


  1. YEAH!!! What great news. Will say lots of prayers for healing from the surgery. All the shar-pei send muzzle kisses!

  2. Good news! Fingers and paws crossed for a quick, uneventful recovery ... and good pain killers :)

  3. Great news! Sending positive energy and hugs...

    Michele & Loki from the Raw-Lite list


  4. So glad that everything is going well! Thank you for the updates, and please let Margot know that we're praying for a speedy and uneventful recovery - and you be careful on those long trips back and forth to see her!

    ~Jenn in TX

  5. Ok the jury is out on who has the largest scar, not sure on on mine but I had 35 steel staples!
    John and Carole

  6. So pleased to hear that news is good so far, positive vibes coming your way.

  7. Glad to hear she's doing well, and thanks so much for keeping us updated, Nick.

  8. I had an unwanted hiatus from teh interwebs but did get this via email...I am so glad it went well! Thank you Nick, and looking for another update. Hopefully our Margot is recovering nicely.


  9. From Joan and John Kean
    So pleased to hear good news. Give Margot our love we hope to see you both in August when we will raise our glasses to you both. Thanks for post Nick look after yourself and of course Margot
    J&J x