Thursday, 15 July 2010

Take this Quiz

You have dogs.  The number doesn't matter.  You have been away from home for almost 3 weeks.  You burst into the prepared kitchen where your SO has thoughtfully placed a mat on the floor and you flop down waiting for fuzzy faces and sloppy kisses.  (Except from the SO who has already done his part.)

What happens next?

  1. Your dogs leap all over you and smother you with kisses.
  2. Don't know; never been away from home that long.
  3. You are Margot.
Nala came, but I think it was the mat that interested her. When I took it over, she left.  As she is wont to do,

Van-Ly cocked her head, squinted and wagged her tale.  I scratched her for awhile, but she must not have liked the feeling of handfuls of fur coming out with each stroke.  (Hey, it wasn't I who didn't brush her.)  So she left, too.  I'm  of the opinion that she'd have wandered over to anyone.

Remind me, someone, that I like Chows because:

  • They are house broken from stock;
  • They don't chew your socks;
  • They don't chew the furniture;
  • They don't eat a lot;
  • They don't shed as much as you might think;
  • They don't bark unless on door-bell duty;
  • They're independent and don't need amusement;
  • You used to like cats;
  • They're the cutest little things on earth;
  • They're loyal.
On that last point, how can you tell?


  1. well maybe they are just so into you that they knew that you were sore and just didnt want to risk touching or hurting you in any way. So any show of exhuberance just might have been a risk.
    Joleen - and the shar-pei - most of whom would worry about you because you smell like hospital - and a crazy one that would have tried to jump in your lap and give your ear kisses. (but it likely would have hurt)

  2. Typical chows. We get run over if we leave the house for 3 seconds, never mind 3 weeks! Glad you are back home!

  3. You are home and they are healthy. Life does sound pretty good.

    But some question about staples: The one they use to hold your body together, are they applied in a way similar to what is used for attaching paper? Are they made out of metal, plastic, or what? Do they use them instead of stitches because they don't know how to sew anymore?

    Much love, Susan in N Calif

  4. I bet they let you go to the bathroom by yourself too, don't they?

    Perhaps there's something to be said for Chows :)

  5. That's it! After 3 weeks I must be dead and this is an imposter (who smells like a hospital).

    And, yes, they normally let me go to the bathroom alone. Unless we're in a restaurant. I probably need more protection there. And a crowd is merrier.

    Staples: Metal and they're applied as to paper, but not closed on the ends. I imagine that a lack of sewing skill contributes, but they do make a very tidy scar, once the two rows of dots disappear. I'll take a picture, shall I?

  6. Glad you are home, and healing well, a join the dot competition see what picture can be made? Celticseahorse x