Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fête du Pain

First, thank you for the reminder on the journal entries. I didn't report because there was nothing to report (NTR). But, of course, NTR is something, too, so I've journalled. Besides, I'm going to use the same entry after each chemo session, colour-coded for date. Then I can see what the differences are in reaction each time.

Yesterday was a Fête du Pain at Cornillon, just up the road. Our friend Polo, whose house we are helping to build, is a baker. He comes all equipped to teach anyone who wants to learn and the bread -- and pizza and quiches and tartes -- are baked in the village bread oven. I've been making bread for years, but this is the first time anyone has shown me how. It's a lot easier the professional's way.

So, here I am in one of new hats. And one of my old ones. You can see why I don't much like turbans .


  1. I think you look fantastico in a turban...okay, perhaps one with a little more flair? Actually, the placement of the cat's eyes on your sweatshirt drew my attention away from your headgear. Good fashion strategery on your part.

    I love to bake. Bread is my second specialty. Give. What's better about the professional way? What is the professional way, anyway? Tell Polo to send me his email or website. HA!

    NTR is significant. Means you don't feel worse. That thumb sitcheeyashun needs attention.

    You have your second treatment yet?

  2. The hat in photo number two is much cuter on you. :)

  3. Fantastic hat! Next year I hope to see it at Royal Ascot.
    If you're inspired at some point, can I request a post about making bread? It's become a lost art in our family and I do so love fresh baked bread *drool*


  4. I agree with Carina, the disco headgear looks much better than the first one.