Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dog Teeth

Adding to our knowledge of all things dog, someone posted this article about brushing your dog's teeth to Raw-Lite today, the Yahoo Group I belong to.

I'm giving up pets.

First of all, I now have to brush my own teeth half a dozen times a day and gargle 10 times. (I'm not making it on the gargling.) Then there is my hair. Washing and towel drying every day is already a challenge to my attention span. The wig I bought comes with more hair care products than hair, most of which must be used daily -- brush, spray, gel, twitch. Every week, it must be washed (twice) in its own shampoo and conditioned. Then dried on its stand, brushed, sprayed, gelled, twitched. Whatever formerly free time remains to me is spent in more trips to the kitchen, measuring out another slurp of the 2 to 3 litres of liquid I must drink every day.

Let the dogs brush their own damned teeth.

But, of course, simpleton, here, will be asking for doggy toothbrushes for Christmas. Sigh. Please don't send them.


  1. Ditto on dogs brushing their own damn teeth.

    Those scarves and funky hats look any more attractive to you now? How about the au natural suggestion?

    ? I have: is the fluid intake absolutely got to be *fluid*? Doesn't the water content of the foods you eat - ice cream, popcicles, sauces, dressings count? Oh, yeah, veggies, fruits and other real foods, too. Also, don't the fluids have to be caffiene-free?**

    I think I'd be walking around bald with a 24-hour IV if I were you.

    Where's the rest of the diary days? You stopped at day 5.

    Doobie - **just my opinion - HA!

  2. The nurse says, "Drink, drink, drink." Every two or three sentences of whatever we're talking about, she says, "Drink, drink, drink." The other stuff must be extra. I don't guess caffeine-free is a requirement because tea is even on the list.
    More in new post.