Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hair today. . .

Everything I read and everyone I talk to, who has had cancer, tells me the same thing: Cut your hair now. It's too depressing when it starts falling. If I were 25 or I lived somewhere where style mattered, I might get depressed, too, but losing my hair doesn't really bother me.

It bothers Nick, though, so I've waited.

Until yesterday.


I didn't have to buy expensive
hats. My own do nicely.

Even the 7-dwarves hat doesn't look bad if I don't wear my glasses.
I think I need new glasses.


  1. You are a beautiful person -- with or without hair. And I *love* the red & gold hat!

  2. Thank you. (I make Nick take 20 photos and throw out all, but the good ones. :-) )
    That's my favourite hat, too.

  3. You look splendid with and without hair.

    Olga, suffering from hat envy

  4. I love hats! The cap (hand made) cost 23€ at a craft fair. The blue hat cost 10€ at the market. The ugly one cost 44€ at the coiffeuse. No more "special hats."

  5. I like the blue hat the most, my peasant ancestry must be rearing it's head (LOL).

  6. You are one of those lucky women who look great with very short hair, I think you look fabulous! I also like the red & gold hat.

    I have read - and talked to a women to whom this happened - that people's hair can grow back differently after chemo. As in, wavy where it used to be straight, or brown when it used to be blonde. Have you heard of this?

  7. I like the blue, too. It's very summer-in-Australia.

    You have a dear little face for hats :)


    Anonymous. (The With Love From Baghdad one...)

  8. I have heard about hair changes. An acquaintance had very straight hair which grew back curly. And I've heard of another woman whose hair grew back thicker. I'd love that!