Sunday, 7 September 2008

Drink, Drink, Drink

We seem to have so many visitors, I'm not getting anything done.

Friends drop by almost every day. Some even came from Spain -- for the day, would you believe? Busy friends. They brought me a wonderful booklet from their local hospital that has every bit of information you could want. In English and easy to read. Very helpful.

Thursday I had my appointment with the nurse. This one isn't drop dead gorgeous; she's what used to be known as cute as a bug's ear. And nice.

We went through all the procedures, sides effects and whatnot, again, the refrain being, "Drink, Drink, Drink." 2 to 3 litres a day. I was given a binder set up to organise my blood tests, prescriptions, appointments, questions and other stuff. It even has a section -- with drawings -- about my implant (my PICC?). The funny straight bit that I was wondering about leads from the "chamber" and goes into a vein.

It's green -- the notebook -- and doesn't say Lance Armstrong Foundation on it, but that's its only drawback.

Then I went wig shopping. I am sorry to disappoint the goths and tattoo artists, but normal wins. I've always been a fashion conservative.

The coiffeuse and I discussed colour for awhile, she insisting that my hair is dark in back and me saying that I can't see the back. Finally, I picked a model and she is ordering it in white-ish, pale blonde and mixed blonde, so I can try all three. This wig is in the upper price range, so tomorrow I will check to see how much the insurance covers of the extra.

But that hats! Great hats -- and I love hats. And I'll be able to wear them any time. So far, I've found a great floppy picture-hattish hat, a giant cap, a toque for skiing and a sort of seven-dwarfs wrap-around for the house. Or for sleeping, she said, in case my head gets cold. Somehow I doubt that; Miosa sleeps on my head. The hats are an optional extra, not covered by insurance. Happily, we have the money from the house sale.

In other news,the apartment owner came to put some things away in the cellar, locked up, and went to England for a week. The next day, when we still couldn't find Mio, it occurred to me that she was in the cellar. Sure enough. Nick had to break a window to get her out. Cats!

Oh, yes. One of the booklets suggestions to stimulate the appetite is to have a glass a wine before dinner. Drink, drink, drink!


  1. I've been awaiting an update! Visitors are a grand thing, *getting anything done* will wait patiently for you:))

    What? Plain old blonde? It's almost ski season. Poor Miosa. Have a drink on moi.

    How's that for concise? HA!

    You need to blog more often or I will have to inundate your mailbox with requests for the latest news. Is 11 Sep 08 still the kickoff? Be thinking of you.

  2. Some days nothing happens. :-) Except the rather dreary translation I'm doing.

    Yep, 11 Sept. I guess I'm healed up, even if the scar hurts. I will report in after I've seen my GP -- tomorrow?

  3. You'll be in my thoughts (along with plenty of other peoples') on Thursday. I hope it really doesn't wipe you out too much, for too long.

    Good thing you're being a busy bunny, busy is always good!

    Crazy hats here:

    I was at the Ren Fest today and wild hats were everywhere. My favourite winter hat is an LL Bean "Mad Bomber" hat, fur lined with fur ear flaps. Makes one look like Elmer Fudd, but awfully warm.

  4. Good luck on Thursday. I will keep you in my thoughts. Hats are great. My niece went through chemo and didn't do the wig thing she went totally with hats. Some were totally rad! (oh man I think I just dated myself into the 80's)

  5. Thanks, Laurie. I'm so dated, I wore wigs as a fashion statement. LOL!!

  6. Hope everything went well today!
    I had a friend who had breast cancer. She had black spiky hair.
    She got a blond curly wig. Hey, why not.
    I'd go with hats and scarves.
    And getting things done is very overrated!
    I'll be looking for updates!
    Karen (I only have Sasha's blog, so I am posting as anonymous)

  7. "One of the booklets suggestions to stimulate the appetite is to have a glass a wine before dinner." Of course it did, you're getting medical care in France!

  8. Got to be fair, here. It's a Spanish booklet. Bring on the Rioja!