Friday, 3 December 2010

Visiting in the snow

25cm of snow did not make it any easier for my daily visits to Margot at Valence hospital but I made it.

Not much change in Margot's condition. They are still trying to find the right mixture of drugs to make her comfortable. We have made an application to transfer her to an ward specializing in  palliative care at Vaison but we have to wait for a place as it is only a small unit. Hopefully it would be better for her and nearer for me.

Best to all,   Nick


  1. I hope the wait isn't too long. Is it not possible to have her cared for at home by a 24-hour nurse? I wish it were... home is a comfort in itself. Thinking of you both. Doobie and Caitlin xoxoxoxo

  2. That would be nice to get her closer. It would be nicer if you guys had something akin to hospice over there, where Margot could have 24-hour care in the home, like Doobs said.

    Stay safe driving in the snow.

    Margot - I have the candles lit for you and Nick and I think about you every day!

    Love Cheryl & Don

  3. Thankyou for the update, it is so good of you to do so when life is throwing all this at you and now snow to contend with as well.

  4. You're a good egg, Charlie Brown. :)


  5. Margot & Nick,

    It sounds like 24-hour care at home isn't possible.

    Margot, are you allowed 4-legged visitors if they can be trusted not to roll on you? A big IF?

    Susan in Calif

  6. Valence is a long way to go in the snow and ice, Nick. Take care of yourself too.

  7. Thanks again, Nick. Hopefully you can get Margot closer to home. It would be nice for you to have a shorter trip to see her.
    Thinking of you both,

  8. Thinking of you both and lighting candles too.
    take care

  9. Wow, you have more snow there than I do in Michigan. Drive safely and take care. We're thinking of you. Lots of love to Margot.

  10. Like a lot of your friends just don't know what to say other than thinking of you and sending our love as we rememebr all the fantastic times we spent with you and how you helped nurture our love of Provence and France in General. We will be forever grateful for that. You are both inspirational people.

    Love to you both, Michele and Frank xx