Friday, 31 December 2010

Margot remembered

Margot was buried on Tuesday, 21st, with many friends and relatives taking part in a simple ceremony to remember her life.  This was followed by an aperitif and then a meal. Everyone has told me how Margot would have enjoyed seeing us all getting together in this way and I feel that it worked out exactly how she would have liked it.

Thanks to my sister and her husband the chows and I passed a peaceful holiday with the family. We even had snow which was a real treat for Nala.


  1. Cheryl (who usually posts as valrico canine)31 December 2010 at 18:06:00 CET

    Nick - I'm glad your holiday was peaceful and everything went well. Yes, it sounds like something Margot would liked. She is in peace now.

  2. Good to hear, Nick. Family is so important. We've thought of you often. Will you continue to post here? If not, I would love to see some pictures of the Thyme Garden next summer. I'm really looking forward to that. {{hugs}} Doobie and Caitlin

  3. This is good to hear, NIck. Thank goodness for family. Love the picture. Here's to a blessed and peaceful new year. ((hugs))