Monday, 29 November 2010

Update for the week

Last Sunday and Monday nights were uncomfortable for Margot and first thing Tuesday morning she was very ill and taken to a nearby hospital. The edema was the principle problem and she also had some water in her lungs. On Wednesday, after getting her stable, Margot was move to the hospital at Valence which is the center for her treatment. Treatment for the edema continues and she has oxygen and drugs to try and make her more comfortable. As you can imagine, she is extremely weak.

Visiting most days occupies much of my time and I am her preferred masseur for her back and feet.

Best wishes to all from both of us.



  1. Sir, another "Thank you" for posting the update. It is very difficult to care for someone, I know. What is her prognosis? Thinking of you both. xoxo

  2. Hi Nick and Margot,

    I'm thinking of you two always and hoping Margot will soon start to feel better. Glad to hear you are with her and helping her stay comfortable. Be sure to look after yourself too!

    I usually reply by email but only just realized you might not get those. I apologize.

    Best wishes,

    Kim Peters

  3. I was just thinking of my reading friend Margot yesterday so appreciate the update, thankyou, you both continue to be in my thoughts.

  4. "What is her prognosis?" Thanks for asking Doobie. It gives me the opportunity (strength) to answer the question head on. The prognosis is not good and all her treatment is palliative now. They are just trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

    Kim, email is ok as I have been keeping an eye on Margot's mail and passing on messages although I don't manage to respond very often.


  5. Thanks, as always, for keeping us updated. You have an awful lot to deal with right now and I appreciate your taking the time to let us know what is going on. Please tell Margot we miss her and are thinking of her.

  6. Nick, I had to ask and I'm thankful you were strong enough to say the words. Please keep in mind that you are also in our hearts and thoughts as you help Margot through whatever is to come. It is very difficult to know what to say here... except we love you both and wish we were there to help. I hope you are getting support. xoxo

  7. Nick: Thank you for the update (and Doobie for asking the question I'm sure was on everyone's mind) and also for loving and caring for Margot.

    Margot: Thank you for all the support and care you showed me when I was going through bumpy times. You never fail to be an inspiration to me.

    ...and Zazou and Danza and Waldeaux (who was named such as a nod to my French friend) too!

  8. Nick and Margot - the candles are lit for both of you - for Margot to beat this thing and for you for being there for her. You both are a big inspiration to us - both Don and me.

    Love ~~
    Cheryl & Don - yep, and Rambo and Chynah, too!

  9. Nick and Margot,
    we have lit a candle for you both. Are hearts and prayers go out to you at this time. Margot has been a good friend to me and my daughter Courtney. Please tell Margot that Courtney still has the show collar she bought her for xmas several years ago. She is using it on her new dog Bart.
    Kathy and Courtney Hays

  10. I have known Margo from a mailing list and sir thank you for keeping us updated. You're in our thoughts.
    I hope she gets better and returns to the mailing list.
    Love from,
    sheena & ares..

  11. Thinking of you both xx Finally got around to getting started on some collages and have great book you sent me 'Forget all the rules you ever learned about graphic design' open here:-) It is absolutely freezing here in Cornwall, but a bright blue sky, so hope you have some sky view from your bed there? if not sending some pictures of this one here with background of hills running down to beach bay covered in snow in my mind. Much Love Celticseahorsexx

  12. Feeling pretty helpless when all I can do is send love and best wishes.

  13. Margot and Nick,

    I hope that Margot's care will allow her to come home, that stopping all those treatments will make things more comfortable.

    We just had the Thanksgiving holiday here last week and thought of the wonderful one you made for Gary and me on our last visit (some years ago).

    I made a chestnut dressing this year to go with the turkey. I've roasted them before but this year managed to explode some--I guess I left them in the oven too long. Not all of them, fortunately, since they are hard to get.

    Much love,

    Susan in California