Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wonderful memory

I have just been given this wonderful photo which was taken at Rémuzat's village fête back at the end of August. Its me on the left, our friend Veronique in the centre, and Margot on the right. It brings back memories of a happy warm summer evening which unfortunately was probably the last time that we were out and about together.    Nick


  1. Wonderful memories are the next best thing to making new memories. Still thinking about you, sir... and Margot. Lovely photo. How are you doing?

  2. Great picture! I'm glad you have pictures of good memories. I love the picture!

  3. What a wonderful photo. You both look so happy. I love the hats! :) ~Laurie from Raw-lite

  4. I am back at last catching up on all the posts I missed while I was away from computing on a trip to the UK. I was saddened to read of Margot's passing in your most recent posts. Although Margot was just a virtual friend I know she was a lovely and brave lady who will be missed dearly, my thoughts go out to you at this time.

  5. LindyLouMac, Thanks for you thoughts. Nick

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  7. I think of Margot often and miss her. Lovely to see such a happy photo.
    Love to you - hope you are well.

  8. Oh dear, Margot would be frowning at me - I am no good at this tech stuff. I thought I'd sent you a message but looks like it is in cyberspace. Was just to say, what a fab photo and thanks so much for positng it for us all to see. Also, got your wee note; thanks so much.
    Hope you doing OK and think of you, and Margot, so often,

    Michele and Frank x

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