Friday, 29 January 2010

This Week in Sahune

If you don't recognise "Nom"
you might try LOL Cats
or the Urban Dictionary.

I'm tired of waiting for summer.
Want to wear my Xmas T-Shirt.
Which dwarf do I most resemble?

Here is my indoor hat
from a site recommended by friend Rena.

Here is how it is usually perched.
Which dwarf do I most resemble?

Harry & Mio playing (honestly)

Watcha doin'?

A picture I never thought I'd see:
FloJo & Miosa sleeping together.
F has returned to trying to kill Mio.

Another picture I never thought to see.
Nala is so sick she didn't move
when Mio joined her on her rug.
Usually she leaves.
It's pyometra and she's being operated on today.
If you don't know what pyometra is, don't ask.
(Unless you have an unspayed female dog)


  1. Nala is home and looking better than she has in a while.

  2. You look lovely; there's a nice blush to your cheeks and sparkle in your eyes! Oh, and the hat & t-shirt are nice too. ;)

    Glad Nala's on the mend. Give yourself a big pat on the back for catching it and getting it taken care of right away.

    Rachel & Rena
    ...and Zazou too!

  3. So glad to hear of Nala's improvement. We'll be relieved when the cats can push her around again.

  4. Glad you are feeeling better and Nala is ok! And I always forget to read any blogs, including yours :( So I made up for it today and read all the way back to December just before Christmas.

    We have no snow in Florida, but a few weeks ago, it did get cold enough to give us some sleet. Nasty. I left Connecticut for a couple reasons, but the main reason was because of the nasty, cold weather. Bah.

    Getting set for a week of rain here, though - and we are leaving Monday to go look at a piece of property in the mountain of Tennessee. Up near Cookeville. 5 acres for 10k. Can't beat that with a stick. Guy has 4 or 5 properties (undeveloped) that he got back through foreclosure, so he is selling cheap. Works for me if it's what he says it is. We will have a place to go camping.

  5. You look mah-velous, Madame:) More than healthy enough for puppies, I'd say. HA! Apparently liking the new camera?