Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Scanner today

It's really hard to redeem a day that begins at 5:30. However, since we couldn't get to the hospital last Friday, I didn't quibble when the secretary gave me a new appointment for today at 8:15. (But be there half an hour early because it's a new year and I have to pass by Admissions.)

The roads were absolutely terrible in some places, but we managed to get to the hospital just after 8:00 -- earlier than the admissions clerk. And we managed to get to the imaging unit on time.

I had the needle inserted in my arm for the "product" (everything in France is a product: washing powder, cleaning fluid, stuff that goes in the veins, etc.) and the nurse told me I could stay dressed except for my bra. Then I got to the scanner and she said the doctor had decided to do a lavage (if you know what that is, fine; if you don't I'm not going to describe it) and I should strip and put on a hospital gown. A new first.

Clenching my buttocks as instructed, I had the scan, which took about five minutes, and was then allowed to go to the bathroom. I made three trips, but am fine now, thank you.

It took forever to get the results today. Second to arrive and didn't get the results until amost eleven. Did I mention I had to be fasting?

On the way out of the hospital, we stopped in the teeny shop and had coffee and, for me, a croissant. (Nick had eaten breakfast.) Then we went to look at a kitchen, did a little grocery shopping, had lunch and lingered over coffee reading the results.

Most of which I don't understand, but I'll get the oncologist to explain it to me on Monday. What I understand is that I am improved. The tumour, which used to be two tumours, but has grown together (last year, but I just worked that out today) is smaller. No more unidentified nodules on the lung or other parts. I think the peritoneum is clear, too, but I can't be sure about that. All other organs are normal, although it's possible that the tumour is still touching the bladder. (Conflict between what I understood the doctor to say and what I understood the written report to say.)

My guess is they won't be able to operate, yet, and I will continue chemo. But what do I know? All will be clear after Monday's trip to Lyon.


  1. Sounds like good news, Margot. and you have Canadian style weather. We are also having very unseasonable weather: -6C (the normal for Jan is around -20C) and a wonderful blue sky! We won't talk about the wind. Just a bit more snow than you however.

    Lurker to your blog

  2. Good news for a cold day everywhere.

    Two tumors merging into one? Never heard of such a thing (before). I'd rather think they were two bullies working their way into each other's territory, staring at each other, eye to eye. Then they get into a shoving match and one falls over.

    Or maybe they really do merge. But of course they have different payroll systems, the sales people make fun of the other group and they spend an excessive amount of time in seminars learning to sing "Happy together." They are so self-satisfied that they won't see what's coming when you go into surgery later in the year.

    snicker, snicker.


  3. "Improved", "smaller" "no more nodules" and "clear" are words I like seeing here!

    LOL @ Susan's comment.


  4. Sounds like good news, even if you had to have a lavage to hear it.

  5. Thinking of you as always, hope Mondays appointment goes well.

  6. All I can do is ditto Carina's comment.


  7. I've heard of people using the office copy machine for more personal things, but whose dog did you sneak into the scanner room?

    Glad to hear the news getting better!


  8. Aha, success with posting I see. It's a cat, actually and I got it the way I usually do. Stole it from Google images.