Monday, 18 January 2010

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that the oncologist is a lot better at reading scans than we are. Having had the disk output loaded into the hospital computer, he compared the results with my last scan. We thought the tumour had shrunk a little. In fact, it seems to have shrunk by about half. It's stil attached to my bladder, though, and "If we operate now, we'd have to take out the bladder." "I can wait," I said. So back to chemo on Wednesday.

More good news: Everything else is cleared up including the tumour on the peritoneum. Woo hoo!

Neutral news: I didn't clear up how two tumours became one, but I'll ask my other oncologist on Wednesday.

Bad news: My feet are going to fall off. With more chemo I will have more skin peeling, more pins and needles and more sore red toes. He said this wasn't "grave." O.K.

Even more good news: We stopped for lunch and did a little grocery shopping north of Valence (the departmental prefecture). They had beef for animals for 2.50€ a kilo. That's 1.14€ per pound. The cheapest I can find it in Avignon these days is 3.70€ per kilo (1.68€ per pound). Another woo hoo.

We had a leisurely drive to Lyon yesterday, a pleasant evening and excellent dinner with friends, good news at the hospital, and a leisurely drive home.


  1. Well, fantastic news all around, except for your impending lack of feet. Chemo is working!
    Tell the oncologist to dip his feet in battery acid and see how "grave" he thinks it is.
    And good score on the "dog" food!

  2. LOL @ battery acid.
    Fabulous news all around *does happy dance*


  3. Apart from your poor tootsies a positive posting.

  4. Someone told me that feet are overrated. I agree that *my* feet are overrated, but battery acid isn't helping.

  5. I can commiserate with regard to painful skin peeling. Your poor little piggies! :(

    But as for the rest: Woohoo! The best news I've heard from chez Milner in quite some time. And I'm not just talking about the cheap dog food. ;)


  6. Fantastico news! I'm so damn happy to read this. Not the feet part. Is there nothing that would help this? Massage to disperse the chemo and topical Rx? Bag Balm or U-Kera E with socks and plastic??? Ack, painful feet are too "grave". /:

  7. Ces bonnes nouvelles doivent te remonter le moral et vont contribuer encore à diminuer la tumeur afin de l'isoler du reste. Car la chimio compte mais le moral aussi. Courage, tu tiens le bon bout ! Je pense bien à toi. A bientôt Agnès

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