Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowbound in Provence

I knew I'd get to use that title one day.

This is the scenic view from our current living quarters. Actually, it's worse than it looks in the photograph. Yesterday I saw one tractor-trailer rig and one car. So strange on a main road. We don't have a lot in the way of snow removal equipment.

We were on the road, though. I ran out of pills and we had to get to Nyons. The further we went toward the Rhone, the worse it got. I called the hospital (which is in Montélimar and on the Rhone) and they said it wasn't worth coming; they gave me a new scanner appointment for Tuesday. Unfortunatey, the forecast says it might be as bad or worse by then.

Of course, I look at the roads and think that these people would die in Chicago, but then I remember that I had snow tires there. It was a bit skiddy yesterday and no one here is used to this sort of weather. I'm sure that if Nick didn't know what I'm like without my antidepressants, he wouldn't have gone.

Van-Ly likes it, though.


  1. Hah! Snow tires are for sissies. Or Colorado. We have matching weather (about a foot of snow between Wed and Fri), of course there are plows, salt and a distinct lack of hills here.
    Unlike Van-Ly the pibbles are not amused in the least.

    Awaiting spring,

  2. LOL Olga. So is four wheel drive. And I say that as someone who lived in Colorado (at 10,000 feet in the mountains for a while too) for 17 years, and Michigan for eight years.
    Two of my three dogs are very amused by the 8" of snow in the back yard. The third is not happy about the current situation and is stoically waiting for everything to thaw.

    Carina, good at driving sideways. :o)

  3. Isis is delighted at any snowfall, and spends her days romping in and out the back door. Except when we're at work, when she sulks on our bed all day.