Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

and best wishes for your health, happiness and prosperity.

That's how the French say it. The French also send out new year greetings, a habit that we've adopted, preferably handwritten, a habit we have not adopted.

We were having a quiet evening at home, watching English TV -- Nick found the satellite -- when our neighbour came to the house and invited us for a drink. It's the first New Year's Eve party I've ever been to where most of the guests were between 7 and 12. They weren't drinking; they were doing fireworks. We came home, again, at 2:30, which is much too late. Been there, done that.

I have ended my book blog, 25 Words or Less on Books. (No one noticed.) There is still a link, to you can read my last review: In Praise of Slowness. Thinking slow, I decided that I enjoy my books more when I don't have to worry about counting them (which I don't seem to be able to help) or reviewing them. I can always comment here if I am impelled to do so.

Which led me to a light-bulb moment: I have an artist friend who, although she could use the money,
doesn't like doing exhibitions or even commissions. She says she enjoys painting more when she does it for herself. I finally understand, Barbara.

The thing about getting old is: you lose interest in staying up late, but you learn a lot of stuff.


  1. Happy New Year. Even if it was too late, it is good that you got out to celebrate with the extremely younger crowd:)

    I agree, the blogging and counting make what should be a most enjoyable pastime seem more like work. Bet you'll feel impelled - compelled! - to comment. HA!

    I must be at the 'tween stage here. Stay up late but really haven't learned anything, yet.

    Love ya, Madame!

  2. I think I lean toward the hand-written note thing (despite my perfectly awful chicken scratch). I find myself doing that more and more, for the friends and family that mean the most to me. I'm still not a regular holiday letter-writer, but I do enjoy sending thank-you notes and postcards from afar.

  3. Actually, I used to read your book blog, but I got behind. Don't blame you, make it fun.