Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Chemo

We got up at the crack of dawn to get to the hospital by 9 this morning. My red blood counts are O.K. now, so I'm off the EPO, but getting another injection for my white blood count. It's always something, isn't it?

I went armed with a bag of Christmas sweeties and the nurses were very appreciative, but I still had to wait half an hour for a bed after I'd seen the doctor.

The doctor wants me off all my medication except what I normally take (thyroid and anti-depressant). She says she's appalled at the number of prescriptions I have. I said I was appalled, too, and I wasn't taking anything any more except I was still weaning myself off the last variation of cortisone.

I told her about the cats and how I think the blockage I feel in my throat and chest (that no one can find) are really an allergic reaction, and I want to start on an anti-histamine, she snapped, "Later"! O.K. Perhaps, if there is something there, it will show when I get the CT scan on the 8th of January. The scan will include the thorax. (I guess she does listen to me.)

No one seemed to notice I have a cold, even though I'm croaking rather than talking, when I can speak at all. We did notice that I have gained 2 kilos. Crap! I'm not even eating, compared to my usual voracious appetite.

We wish you the joys of the season.

The people: Nick & Margot
The dogs: Van-Ly & Nala
The cats: FloJo, Harry & Miosa

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  1. Merry Christmas!!
    And I hope you get over your cold quickly.