Monday, 23 February 2009

Not Hospital Bound

I'm back!

Wouldn't you just know it? Perfectly packed, didn't forget anything, and all for naught. Dr. Latil has given me a date for the hospital of March 16. He says I have to regain my strength first.

Upon being questioned, he says he can't really know from the scan if he'll be able to operate successfully this time, but the results look good enough to unzip me, again. Smaller tumours, no ganglions. ??? After examining me, he said my stomach is supple, too. I have no idea what that means, but it seemed to please him.

As we were out by 9:30, we drove down to Marseilles and Ikea. The furniture all looked kind of tacky, so I guess we won't get our kitchen there. I got some sheets, a couple of mirrors and a new meat tenderiser thingy in metal. Much heavier than the wooden one I have.

Time to hit the dog food.


  1. WHAT? That's next month:( Good thing February only has 28 days. Still must be a disapointment. Let's get it over and done with already!

    Just keep your perfectly packed portmanteau in the car and you'll be all set - no thinking required.

    Supple, huh? What is that they say about Frenchmen???

    I hope you got out some frustration pounding meat (sts).

  2. Well, hurry up and wait why don't ya? Not sure I'd buy major stuff from Ikea either. To me it's like dorm room furniture. Well, good luck getting your strength back and woo hoo on the supple tum-tum! wink-wink