Saturday, 14 February 2009

What I Am Doing -- Or Not

Nick has reminded me that, no matter how the scan goes on the 18th, I won't be going into the hospital until early March. Thirty days are required between chemo and surgery.

O.K., I am forced to accept the fact that with each chemo treatment, I get knocked back further, take longer to recover, and don't achieve the previous level of energy. Sigh.

I was going to try skiing with Polo and Nadine and family yesterday at a little, local ski station until our friend Patrick reminded me that I'd just be tired and hurt myself. Duh! (Ski injuries are rampant when people are tired at the end of the day and insist on just one more run.) Next year.

However, the Chows and I are still helping with Polo's and Nadine's house.


  1. I read, but apologise for not keeping current - I have never figured out how to subscribe to a blog, ever. If someone wants to email me and let me know in really tiny little simple steps how to do this, I will.
    OK, first. YAY on the house! Ten days?! Sooner, now.
    And, do you have a date for surgery, yet?
    And FWIW, I don't think Gilda Radnor or you need to be the former anything. Maybe I'm dense but I don't get that? But if you want to, try the random name generator:

    Signed, Ossie Calamarino

  2. You are now subscribed by email. But you have to promise to post your comments on the blog. I love comments.

  3. I yam!? Cool, thank you! So I guess that means I get an email notification every time you make a new post?
    And I promise to comment. :)