Tuesday, 3 March 2009

No News is House News

What can I say? I'm feeling better, more active, waiting for appointments with cardiologist for ECG and anaesthesiologist pre-op.

Shall I talk about the house?

We've made another visit to sort out measurements. We're still unable to decide where to put another staircase or how to replace the current one, so that people don't have to enter the living room via the workshop or the kitchen.

Should visitors have to ring, be buzzed in through the gate, walk through the court, up and around to the back where the living room will be? Outside? The buzzing and the stairs -- inside or out -- are unavoidable, whatever the final decision.

Still haven't decided where the bathroom should be, , either, although we ordered the sink I've been looking at for a year. I was afraid they wouldn't have it any longer by the time we're ready.

The bathroom-in-a-wine-vat will be in full use while we're "camping." The toilet and sink are O.K., but the previous owners' solution to a shower was to put in a square shower pan and hang plastic currents all around it. Needless to say, the pan, itself, is disgusting, and what it has done to the wall doesn't bear looking at. So, first, we'll be tiling the wall and building in a new shower before moving in. Fortunately, in my years outside the States, I've gone from Jewish American Princess to Tiling Queen. Is that a promotion?

Our friends, Polo and Nadine, have not only decorated their walls beautifully, but Nadine tiled the shower in a pattern that would never have occurred to me. I told her that's why we have so many books: I have no imagination. I've just ordered three more: tiling decoration, kitchens, and lighting.

I've found a kitchen manufacturer that looks good and reasonably priced (I hope). I've had a terrible time trying to make a layout with all the little cutouts they gave me. It's easier now, though, since Nick realised he made the drawing at half the scale it should have been. I suppose it's his way of checking to see if my brain is still functioning. Answer: no.


  1. Seeing as you are an 'ex'? Jewish American Princess..in my view once a Princess always a Princess..I have pictures of those bells that rang down in the servants quarters from long material pulls with tassels in main quarters..reversal of the system is obviously necessary..but something quainter or more heath robinson than just a buzzer with all those lovely cobbles..:-0
    Hope your energy levels stay up ..we are heading for more cold weather apparently:-)..but now upto 50 yards of walking, though still have to keep foot flat.. so I might escape soon..best wishes seahorsejanex

  2. LOL! I'll get Nick started on it right away. Keep on truckin'!

  3. See I've been wondering about the house - do you have photos somewhere?

    "...people don't have to enter the living room via the workshop or the kitchen." Favouritest house I ever lived in was one an ex and I rented back in California in the 1980s. He was also a finish carpenter and occasionally made furniture and such...and those were the only two ways to get into the house. It was a long skinny bungalow, one door into the kitchen on one end, the other through his shop, and into the bedroom on the other. The bedroom always had that fragrant wood shaving odor, I loved it.

    Yippee for feeling better!