Tuesday, 10 February 2009

House and Home News

Bad News: Home, first. Chemo is very wearing. It annoys me to be getting more tired all the time. Weakling! So, I haven't been posting much. Yesterday, I had a little upchuck episode, so now, in addition to not being able to look at ham because they always serve it at the The ham they serve at the hospital is excellent and it's not like I'm sick when I go. Must be something deep, deep down that makes a bad association.

Good News: If no one objects within 10 days, we have a house! I can't imagine who would object. We're going to sign the compromis on Thursday -- that's the down payment document -- and it will take about 6 weeks for the acte -- the sale -- to be signed. Homeless, no more!

Middling News: In dog news, we have had Nala x-rayed (again, the first ones got lost in the move) and sent them to an orthopetdic (I was going to correct this, but I like it) surgeon who has a friend who invented replacement elbows for dogs. I'd have called the friend, but he's in the States at Michigan State U.

Bad News: Nala is beyond medicine helping the pain of her arthritis, so it's either replacement time or wheels time and we're told that front wheels don't work too well.

Very Good News: Other than that (and her eyes), she's healthy, so I expect to have her for a long time.


  1. Yay houses!
    Boo to tired, but chocolate fixes everything.
    Does that mean you and Nala are coming to visit? We have room. Actually even if we didn't have room, we'd make some.

    The Pibble Gang

  2. Uh, no. :-( I'm hoping the vet will come here.