Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time Out

I'm off to hospital tomorrow, Monday. If things go well, I'll probably be there a couple of weeks.  I'm taking the ambulancel taxi to save Nick the trip.  His taking me involves a drive of 2 and a half hours and then being thrown out of the room immediately I check in.  Not useful.

Nick is going to post on the blog  to give updates.  If you have any comments, could you direct them to the blog, please?  It will be much easier for him than trying to go through my email.

On the dog front, Van-Ly has had her X-rays and they've been sent off to Paris to be processed, for some reason.  When they come back next week, they'll go to the CCF  (ChowChow Club de France) vet.  At first glance, her hips don't look perfect, but not bad.  We'll just have to wait.

See you soon.


  1. Margot - you can't bring a laptop? I hope you hurry up and get out of there fast! People often ask why I don't go with Don to the VA - same reason Nick is not going with you - they kick you out. What is the sense in wasting time doing all that driving? Yesh. I'll have to put a reminder to check for Nick's updates!

  2. Be thinking of you all xx Celticseahorse

  3. You're definitely in my thoughts Margot.