Sunday, 13 June 2010

Today's Laugh: We Linux Pirates

There are numerous internet services that are not available to Linux users.  The rationale seems to be that, because we like free software, we are prone to stealing whatever comes our way.  (O.K., I stole the cartoon.)  At least that's what the BBC told me.

Tonight I was searching for books by Fareed Zakara available as audiobooks.  Google brought up several torrent sites where I could download the books for free.  Except that you need Windows to run the torrents.

Bill Gates wins, again.


  1. I use a Mac and have this and other problems--systems designed only for PC's because they can't imagine anyone else there WHO MATTERS.

    Susan in N. Calif.

  2. Except that you need Windows to run the torrents.

    Gah!? I don't understand. There are plenty of BitTorrent clients on other platforms! I used KTorrent on Linux to download ISO image of the latest release of Kubuntu, for example.

  3. Thanks, Cliff. I'll keep looking.