Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Yesterday I saw:

  • the anaesthesiologist (isn't there a short form for this?)
  • the surgeon
  • had a cardiogram
  • a chest x-ray (so they can locate exactly where my little plastic box is)
  • a blood test

After the blood test, the technician came running to the elevator to return my bag just in time to see my arm start dripping blood in the lobby.  Can't take me anywhere.  She fixed it.

When I suggested that the anaesthesiologist (isn't there a short form for this?) not touch my stomach, she immediately gave me a prescription for painkillers and sent us to the hospital pharmacy where they gave me a couple to get started.  I am feeling better.

She was also appalled at the state of my feet and ankles, but she couldn't do anything about them.

The operation has been pushed back to 29 June.  As I'm not paying for any of this, I can't accuse of the surgeon of taking a longer vacation in his second home.

Assuming that he can do anything at all, once in, he will remove the tumour or, at least, reduce it.  If the tumour is attached to the colon, there are two options.  If the colon is undamaged, he will sew it back together again.  If it is damaged or otherwise unhealthy, he will do something called a Hartmann's Procedure and I will have a little sack.  He thinks there is an 80% chance that I will leave the hospital with a sack.  At least I will be leaving the hospital.

The anaesthesiologist said I will have an epidural to counteract the after-surgery pain.  I will be in intensive care for five days and then move to a regular room for the rest of my stay while I am educated about my new appendage.  Whoo, sounds major!  I asked if the hospital makes good birthday cake.  At least I will be leaving the hospital.

Speaking of food, three days of not eating produced a weight loss of maybe 2 kilos (4-5 pounds).  Not much, but down is better than up.


  1. I'm guessing the tech is the one next to the bun looks as if good on the details, the aneaesthesiologist is sleepy one on end? so that leaves radiographer kittenish with little heels?and surgeon think I would go for bun as surgeon but that might just be me as i have a particular penchant for buns I think they may secretly be running the world, and could be the Douglas Kennedy reader?xx celticseahorse

  2. LOL!! The surgeon isn't quite as cute as the bunny, but not bad -- and bigger.

  3. and why would the hospital be serving birthday cake? are you having a birthday? perhaps there needs to be a proper fuzzy present sent across the pond?

  4. Start that little bear-coat swimming. He's got until July 3.