Saturday, 28 November 2009

Where Do I Sign Up for the Tour de France?

"You're being doped, Margot!" said my GP, looking at my new prescriptions. "Fine," I said, "I'll become a cyclist."

They're obviously getting better stuff. Two days after my first injection of NeoRecormon I'm still barely able to breathe, much less walk. But I have had a chest x-ray (perfect) an ultrasound on my thyroid (no change) and a tube down my throat (couldn't find anything). And a hearing check (not much worse).

I'm getting an injection to boost my red corpuscles once a week for 6 weeks. We shall see.


  1. What does this mean? Your GP doesn't agree with the Rx protocol? Gave up your meds and are getting on more?

    Better stuff, huh? Guess anything that actually works could be said to be working better O_o. Ack!

    Boosting the RBC is boosting the oxygen, hence your energy. At least that's the theory.

    Did you have the chemo?

  2. Leave it to you to joke about it. You're a better madame than moi. Apologies.

    Did you have the chemo?