Monday, 23 November 2009

Ongoing Infection

. . . or inflammation.

My doctors talked to each other and decided I should go back on cortisone for awhile. I can't tell what I was taking before that was cortisone, but this one is mild -- 10mg -- and I've only been prescribed 3 a day. As I am never awake at all the appropriate times, I've been taking 2 a day.

I ate two proper dinners: fish, rice and a bit of vegetable. Not much, but still. Today a neighbour sent a rice and fish dish, but it was too spicy for me in my current condition, so I had one of my Nestlé drinks, Renutryl.

Tomorrow more blood tests, ultrasound and collapse. Wednesday, chemo. Well, maybe.

Last week's Proteine C Reactive was 107.1. Normal is under 5.

See you around.


  1. {{{Madame}}} High CRP means, usually, bacterial infection. I am happy to hear you ate. Praying for strength, for you, tomorrow and Wednesday. {{{Madame}}}

  2. CRP is a pretty vague blood test. High result means inflammation. It's mostly helpful in seeing if the treatment works, by CRP going down.
    Glad to hear you're eating!