Monday, 16 November 2009

Reason Umpteen Why I'm Not Brave

'Cause when I'm sick, I'm sick. And bored. Too sick to read. Can't race through the seventh season of West Wing because I have to wait for Nick. (No comments, please. Let me get to the end. I think I love it more than M*A*S*H.) First time in days I have strength for the computer -- and not much. So I haven't been up to blogging and being entertaining.

But, please, don't let that stop everyone from nagging. I'm sure it's good for me.

I think the Week of the Schedule did me in. Plus I've got some kind of lump in my throat or my chest. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe. Plus I'm nauseous. Plus I've lost my appetite -- for more than the normal 3 days.

I think the "lump," or lumpy feeling is from one of the painkillers, so I've just stopped them all. I'm over the morphine withdrawal, but I gather some of the other pills are also epilepsy medicines and require tapering off. Why on earth would they give me those?

At least I'm not eating madelines by the thousands now, although chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits is still on the menu.

If not "enjoying ill health," in her mother's phrase, not fighting it much, either.



    I'll nag til the end of time just for the fun O it. Get outta bed! If just to sit outside for a bit.

    Did you contact a medical professional about just up and stopping meds all on your own?

    You aren't over the morphine WD, yet! Take one and see if you feel better, with an appetite and less/no nausea.

    No maybe... Go to the doc! At least call! Please.

    I'm sorry you feel bad. You shouldn't be playing doctor/pharmacist all by yourself. Bad, bad girl:)

  2. MARGOT!! Don't just stop all meds - that can be on the dangerous side. Sometimes when you swallow a pill, it goes down the wrong way and you feel a "lump." Been there done that. It is uncomfortable for a day or two, usually. Kinda feels like it got stuck in your throat.

    At least, what Doobie said - get outside and get some fresh air. Morphine WD takes a while - usually much longer than a couple days. Take the morphine, you will probably feel better. You need to eat to keep your strength up. Even if it's just chicken soup or something liquidy.

    Yep, call the doc - today. Well, I guess not - you are 5 hours ahead of us, so first thing in the morning.

  3. What Doobs said. Call the Doc or get ur butt to the doc. I am very sorry you are feeling green. I hope this passes soon. I like the get outside for a little. No worries on the blogging or interwebs anything. I've been sick enough that reading is NOT doable. TeeVee or radio is easier for some kind of entertainment.

    hugs and kisses


  4. Oh, yeah, I forgot... you are too brave ( no mistake with the extra 'o').

  5. I admire your strength to write today! Thinking of you, heed the advice of your friends. Strong lady keep fighting for your strength to return.