Monday, 16 November 2009

Now look! You've made me write another post!

Oh, for Heaven's sake, you lot! I'm sick, not nuts.

  • a) the morphine withdrawal lasted about 2 weeks; it's over.
  • b) last week I was outside several times, including up to Saturday. Now I'm back in bed, again.
  • c) I went to the doctor last Monday. I'm going, again, tomorrow.
  • d)I was almost weaned off everything, anyway; so I didn't do the cold turkey thing.
  • e) I've had this thing in my throat -- or chest; it seems to move -- for 3 or 4 weeks; not 2 days. I told the doctor. She didn't find anything. Now I want a ultrasound or a scan or whatever it takes to see what's there.
  • f) my daily diet consists of a croissant and hot chocolate (standard French breakfast); melon and fresh goat's cheese (lunch; can't get cottage cheese here); hors d'oeuvres and champagne; (I spent Friday at a memorial service and wake (finally broke down and wore my wig, but I still have some hair); and chicken or pork chop and rice and ice cream (dinner -- except yesterday when it was odds on to come right back up).
The remaining drugs I was on were:
  • Inexium (for the stomach; not needed if pain killers are finished)
  • Pred (finished last week)
  • Gabapentine (down to 1 from 3 a day)
  • Rivotril (down to 3 drops from 5)
These last two are, I think, the epilepsy drugs, but I was taking them for pain; I don't have epilepsy
  • Forlax (laxative; not needed if pain killers are finished)
On the blood-count front, my hematies and leucocytes, whatever they are, were low last week from the blood draw on Tuesday, so I had to sit around the hospital for an extra two hours on Thursday while they sent some more blood to the lab. Luckily, the counts were back enough for me to have chemo.

My thryoid is perfect.

Don't think I don't appreciate your concern.


  1. Well I'm glad you posted this explainer the same day as the first one! Because I also read it as "oh the hell with it, I'm abruptly quitting all my meds." (I took Gabapentin for a while, it's goofy stuff. O_o)
    Yay thyroid. Boo lumpy thing in throat or chest. I hope they can scan you soon.
    Your diet sounds pretty damn good. Hugs to you missy.

  2. What? You mean I nagged for nothing? That was one of my better efforts.

    Glad you had the energy to explain. Had me worried. I still say you shouldn't stop all meds - and did you ever say whether you made this decision all by your lonesome or not? I missed that answer:)

    I hope you get back on your feet ASAP. I'll be sure and nag more frequently now that I know you like it. HA!

  3. Oh, yeah, again. Red and white blood cells = hematies and leukocytes. Maybe getting off the epilepsy meds helped with the WBC levels. Don't go claiming to be a medical expert yet, though.

  4. Yah, you scared me to - thought you stopped them all at once. Ok on the eating, then - missing one meal isn't good for you, but it's not like you haven't eaten all day. :) Woo hoo!! Yes, make them do an ultrasound of the whole throat area and down into the chest - wanna find things before they progress, Justin Case they are of the dangerous sort!

    Glad you are feeling better (well, I am assuming so, since you were able to make another post). You had me worried for a bit, there.

  5. And I just geared up for a good nag, too.
    Let us know how the doctor appt goes today.