Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Doctor, Doctor!

Went to the doctor this morning. She says I'm probably going to feel lousy for 2 or 3 weeks until my body gets used to its pain-killer famine.

She gave me a couple of cans of distributed-to-doctors Metrecal.

She gave me a prescription for an ultra sound of the throat and bronchii. (Is that English -- Latin, at least?) The problem is that there is always a wait and I can't sit up for long. Today I reclined the seat in the car, lay down and waited, counting patients leaving her office, until it was my turn.

Today, my throat actually hurts. And this evening, my ear is starting to hurt. She's probably right: some sort of infection. But no fever or other indication of illness.

Please tell me that being allergic to my cats wouldn't do this to me.


  1. Withdrawal STBWDITS and seems to last forever, but thank God it doesn't. What is the diet drink for? Ease the nausea and maintain nutrients?

    Did you have the U/S done then? If it's an infection then where's the fever? Bronchi, Latin. Did she check your ears?

    Yes, allergies could be to blame. Why not? Who knows how your chemistry has changed due to chemo? Weakened is a given.

    Madame, are you in pain? If you are, why not take the pain killers? I want you to feel better. Like, yesterday.

  2. Ear ache, sore throat. etc, sounds more like an infection you have picked up rather than an allergy. Let's hope so anyway. I hope it eases soon.

  3. I agree with Doobie. I want you to not be in pain. You dont have to be brave or a hero and endure this with pain. Ok, so the shar-pei and the chows are stoic, but you dont have to be. Oh yeah, and have lots of chocolate. I love chocolate croissants. Did you find good ones? and not the ones that they just throw chocolate chips in? luv ya!

  4. This is France -- we have proper "pain au chocolate" here. I'm not hungry. At 600 calories a tin, I don't think I'd call the metrecal stuff a diet drink. It's to give me a complete and balanced meal. Bwahahahaha!
    (In-joke for raw-feeding list members.)

    My sore throat is better today and the "lumps" don't really hurt and the painkillers I have are the wrong kind and I really don't want any more. They were making me sick.

    I am hoping that some jackass didn't come to the wake on Friday with the flu, but since I've felt like this off and on for awhile, I don't think so.

    Ultrasound next Tuesday. I could shop around and get it faster, but I don't mind waiting a bit. Maybe I'll feed better by then and be able to sit up in the waiting room.