Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Week-End Retreat

As you know, I've taken to carrying a packed bag with me any time I'm likely to get near a doctor. Friday was to be the start of my new chemo routine. Same drugs as the original -- carbo-taxol -- but every week as opposed to every three weeks.

Thursday night we went to dinner at friends and my urethra completely blocked. (Nothing to do with Marcia's lovely dinner, I'm sure.) I kept thinking it would unblock, but it didn't and, by the time we got to the hospital, I hadn't emptied my bladder for about 15 hours. Chemo got shoved aside while I got a new catheter. And a room.

A few highlights:
  • Argument with night staff over whether I had pain or not, resulting in calling Nick to come get me at 10 PM.
  • Re-arrival in hospital at 8 AM. "Why did you leave?" asked the doctor. "The nurses insisted I had no pain and I was more comfortable at home."
  • End of arguments about pain.
  • Since I had bypassed Admissions and didn't have my own TV, my neighbour (or a private room) was kind enough to let me watch cartoons with her.
  • Screaming match with another nurse whose temperament, I decided, was not suited to nursing. Later, I discovered she's an intern. She'll be perfect as a doctor.
  • To be fair, once we straightened out who knows what, the staff were lovely.
  • 2 sonars and a scan.
  • Chemo -- at long last, chemo! -- Monday evening in the privacy of my room. I vaguely recall someone calling to me in the night, but the nurse decided to just let me sleep with the catheter attached. I was so grateful. They're very good about letting you sleep.
  • A move from Surgery to Medical. Surgery has air-conditioning, but Medical have very effective fans. So we bought one on the way home.
  • One of the orderlys, practicing his English as he wheeled me back and forth, wanted to know if I was going back up to Stomachology.
I got out yesterday, Tuesday. I slept today. The urologist telephoned. I have an appointment at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Guess I'll go pack a bag.

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