Monday, 31 August 2009

O'Hare & Sahune

Our new home is beginning to remind me of O'Hare during my working days: somewhere to change planes -- or ambulances -- on my way from one place to another -- or one hospital or another -- waving to my very own bed from afar as I charge through the terminal.

Actually, I get to sleep in my own bed in Sahune; it's the constant movement that's getting to me.

I am reduced to using ambulances instead of taxis because I can no longer sit, only recline. I sure hope the surgeon is going to check this first catheter while putting in the others. Our friend, Stephane, whom I constantly feel compelled to say we've known since he was 10, is driving me. At least I don't have to feel embarrassed with him. He's spent a lot of time as a patient in ambulances as well as driver. Bad back.

So, went to hospital for chemo today. For the first time, I had a conversation with one of the nurses. Wish I'd thought of something to say before; she's very informative.

The reason I couldn't stay overnight is that the Gastro-Entrowhatever (Stomachology) unit is set up, but, for budget reasons is not yet staffed full-time. Today it was being used by another department and there were no Gastro beds.

She also explained the catheter procedure. Very interesting, if not terribly reassuring.

And here's the chemo deal. Evidently I was getting carbo-platine-taxol in the beginning. Now I'm getting carbo-platine-taxol one week, carbo-taxol twice and starting the cycle, again. Platine is too hard on the system to be given every week. I have more faith in the nurses than the doctors.

Since Stephane rolled me into the hospital on the gantry, I got a bed immediately. I later shared the room with a guy who also had a catheter. If they wanted us to make friends, the shouldn't have pulled the curtain between us.

Stephane is picking me up at 2:30 tomorrow, so I can check into the hospital at 4. Not sure when I'll be home, so this will be the last post for a couple of days.


  1. you are in my thoughts and prayers Margot.

  2. Stephane, Sahune, Stomachology...there is a poetry here. And I am thinking of you too.

  3. Hope all went well, Margot. I just read this, and see that you're back on Lite.