Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Awwwww. . . friends and hats -- and family

So yesterday afternoon, in anticipation of no hair, again, I went hat shopping on a great site sent to me by a friend's mother. (Thank you, Rena.) Didn't buy anything, yet, though. I tend to wish list until I have a burning desire to spend money.

Virtue is rewarded. This morning, what do you think arrived in the mail? Is this super or is this not super? All the way from Michigan. Thank you, Courtney!

I shall wear it to Dijon tomorrow. We're going up for the weekend to visit Nick's sister and a small gathering of the family.


  1. Margot, I am soooo glad you like!!

    It looks marvelous on you!

  2. Yay!!! More hats! You look simply fabulous -- dahling! xoxo

  3. You're looking pretty damn good there, Madame, and it ain't necessarily the hat - although the noggin cover does look like an outstanding piece of head gear.

  4. Since nobody's mentioned your weiner dog shirt, I will. It's cute. :)
    And so's the hat! All the way from Mio Michigan!


  5. you are looking good my dear. and i do love the hat. i have some adorable winter hats that were my mums. i shall send them as winter approaches. it will be like a chow for your head.