Saturday, 1 August 2009

Quick update by Nick

On the visit to the urologist in Orange he admitted Margot to hospital immediately for an operation Friday morning to insert catheters between the kidneys and the bladder. The problem is that the tumours are squeezing and blocking the passage between these organs. The good news was that the cancer had not spread to the kidneys as we had feared.

The operation was successful although difficult because of the severely constricted passage ways. Margot is recovering in Hospital and although she is not very comfortable feels slightly better because of the action taken. Everyone aggrees that the visit to the specialist in Lyon next week is the next essential step as something has to be done about the growth of the tumours that are causing many problems.

This is just a quick update and I am sure Margot will post all the background details when she is home again which should be in a day or so.

Thank you again for all the messages of support.


  1. There are a lot of people rooting for Margot. Thank you Nick!


  2. Margot and Nick,
    We are rooting for you, Margot! I am so glad you are going to the Dr. in Lyon. Nick, thanks for keeping us posted - keep up the faith, both of you!

    Elaine and Dwight

  3. Hugs from Cornwall xx Jane

  4. Thanks for the update, Nick. We've been worried about Margot.