Saturday, 4 April 2009

Waiting to come home.

Yes, Joleen, Margot told me how much she is ready to come home but she is going to have to hang on a while. She is still attached to a few drips and has a rather sore stomach. Other than all that she is still in good spirits.

I tried again to give her a working computer with all you messages and failed again. Tomorrow will be third time lucky or I will print them out!

Love to all, Nick

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  1. Hang in there Margot. Just think how great the food is in the french hospitals. When I go in, I will be eating bad American hospital food. Ironic how many hospitals I have been in the past two years, but not the one I will be in. And I know they wont give me wine. Love and prayers! Head pats to the chow chows.