Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Books, Dogs, Television & Staples

I got through a book a day in the hospital -- the up side -- including an audio book the first day when my eyes wouldn't focus, and I was too sick to turn pages, anyway.

Endangered Species is really about murder and Loggerhead turtles, but has a nice riff on dog love: You can't control other people or their emotions. You can't make people love you. But dogs love you all the time; hence, their attraction. Pretty good analysis for a cat person. Later, there was a crack about Pit Bulls, but I figure it's an old book and she knows better now.

Before I was a dog owner, I was a cat person (still am) and I considered slavering love a sign of wimpishness -- on both our parts, the dog and the owner. I found it took less than 24 hours of unstinting love from Io Jima, my first Chow, to change my mind.

I watched a little television: the news in English, sport in German and rubbish in French. One afternoon I came across a health talk program entitled The Internet is Not Your GP (in French). Bwahahahaha! How to make your doctor hate you.

My staples came out this morning. Hooray, I can shower.


  1. chow love is grand. just like shar-pei love. way different than Cat love. I am sure you will enjoy a wonderful shower. I need to find a good book. Maybe I will check out the one you mentioned. Ear scrubbies to the chows.

  2. A book a day? Wow.
    It occurs to me that it would be torture to have to share a room with someone who wanted to watch TV all day. About 30 minutes of standard TV fare and commercials is my limit.
    We are glad you discovered the joys of slavering dog-love. Otherwise we'd never have met you!