Thursday, 2 April 2009

After all that ...

Damn, after all that, they were still not able to take all the tumors out. Some are still attached to other organs like the intestines and could not be touched. However there were others in fatty tissue that they did remove which is good news. So, they say, it is back to more chemotherapy in a month or so.

Margot is holding up well and fortunately appears to be in less discomfort from the op. than the last time. Which is more good news.

I tried to pass on all your messages in detail, in off-line mode, on the portable computer but it didn't work. I will try again on my next visit.

Margot says hello to everyone.



  1. There is only one detail that matters: We love you and are thinking about you, Madame. You were aware of that detail already. Damn tumors.

  2. Thank you Nick, for the update.
    Margot, we are thinking of you!

  3. Glad this one is less painfulx..Oi Halas you other clingy varmits haven't you got it yet you are not wanted. Sun is still out here and I am doing my best to sneeze with hayfever for you and everyonelse..just know it is not good sneezing with stitches:-)Hope you are getting good sleep and healing well xx Jane

  4. Damn! That is so unfair! (she says with a stamp of her foot!).

    I hate the ambiguous "let me know if there's anything I can do" statement. But in this case. It's totally true. I wish you were here. No scratch that. I wish I were THERE ;) so I could do more to help.

    Even if you just want to talk about non-dogs or duck legs or even if you just want to listen to me breathe over the long-distance wires, I am here.

    Je t'adore mon cher amie.

  5. thoughts and prayers are with you Margot. I am sure you are ready to come home.

  6. This really sucks, Margot! Life is so unfair sometimes. I'm sure the chemo will get the rest of them though! Keep your chin up, you've got a lot of people cheering for you.

    Glad to hear this surgery wasn't as painful.