Sunday, 26 April 2009


If I haven't blogged or emailed, it may be because I'm don't feel like it. You know: tired or sick or grumpy or nothing to say, or any combination of thereof.

Today it happens to be sick. I have those pains, again, that last time led me to Emergency, thinking I had appendicitis. This time the pain is in my side and I have medicine left over from last time, so that's all right.

This was boring, right? That's why I don't blog or email when I'm not up to snuff.

Tomorrow I see the oncologist. Then I may have something to say.


  1. Well yay for meds but I'm sad you're not feeling well, Margot. Not boring at all, but glad you posted. Good thoughts tomorrow and all that.

  2. Hey it's pants it's pants just nice to knowxx, boring doesn't come into it xx..All good wishes for tomorrow. Grumpy is the new blue? Jane who was looking forward to a nice bath with oils but forgot she had turned the heater off