Sunday, 5 April 2009


Success the computer worked in off-line mode. Today Margot was able to read all your messages and sends a big thank you to you all. Except, of course, for Bluefilly's comment that made her laugh and was not good for the stomach muscles :-)

She was even able to put up with a little discomfort and sit on the side of the bed without drip tubes to do it. Although later she had to a pain killing infusion to calm things down a bit.

That's about it for news, just slow progress.



  1. Yipee for success! Hang in there Margot! One day at a time.


  2. Awright missy, no laughing and having fun, I guess. Not for a while anyways. We all need you healed up and feeling better!

    Signed, the Easter Bunny
    (Kim's comment cracked me up too.)

  3. Slow but steady..wonderfully exciting not:-) patience is more than a virtue in my books..grounds for sainthood!!x but good to hear you are mending xxx
    I'd send some English hot cross buns over virtually to you all but they ain't what they used to be..but possibly better than my Nan's attempt at 'seminal' cake which she decorated with small round balls of marzipan :-)
    Jane xx

  4. Glad to hear there's some progress! Just rest, take drugs, and feel better.